About Us

Going to a barbershop other than Dixon’s?

Well, cut it out. Pun intended.

Hear us out for a minute. Some would argue that Garrick Dixon—entrepreneur, barber extraordinaire, and comedian—was destined to launch his business. 

He started cutting hair as a hobby at the age of 12. By the time Garrick graduated from high school, his basement barbershop was a staple in his Maryland community.

Quality cuts. Conversation rooted in pride, inspiration, and a splash of comedic humor. Garrick was on to something. After graduating from Morgan State University with a degree in Business Administration and—more importantly—his barber license, the entrepreneur embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

Armed with key tools and the gift of gab, he became the very first “Dixon Man.” It was around this time (in 2002, to be exact) that Garrick moved to Los Angeles, landing clients like Dave Chappelle, Idris Elba, Mike Epps, Bryshere “Yazz” Gray, Ray J, Corey Hawkins, Tony Rock, and Terrence Howard. Like Garrick, many of these clients came from humble beginnings.

These men employed Garrick as more than just a cut-smith. They hired him for his cutting-edge barber styles and beard grooming, plus the healthy dose of self-confidence Garrick’s services were known to provide.

But things weren’t perfect. Throughout his stint in Hollywood, Garrick was frustrated with the quality and types of men’s products on the market—especially for African Americans. They weren’t bad, per se, but let’s be real: They weren’t all that great.

So what was a man to do? The truth is that men like Garrick have unique needs when it comes to their grooming. They need a brand that can take their texture to the next level, and they need barber cuts like Fades, 360 Waves, and Twisted High Tops. Above all else, these men deserve products that deliver. They want products they can use to embrace their authentic self.

It shouldn’t be this hard, Garrick thought. And so, as the saying goes, the barber decided to be the change we wanted to see.

Enter the Dixon’s men’s grooming brand. The number 1737 in our latest collection pays homage to the Maryland address where it all began—where Garrick celebrated his culture and community, all while working toward a better future.

If we’re being honest, the brand embodies all things good about the barber mogul—infused with a blend of natural oils and moisturizers that soothe and protect the skin and hair. Because the truth is that the Dixon Man exists in every male reflection.