Why Dixon’s?

Dixon’s 1737
The Natural Male Hair Journey


Dixon’s 1737 Brings Out The Alpha Male In You.

Dixon’s 1737 is a men’s essential grooming and hairstyle collection. Created by professional barber Garrick Dixon, Dixon’s 1737 offers the versatility every man deserves.

Whether you wear your hair curly or straight, short or long, in a fade or in waves, Dixon’s products will get you going on your personal hair journey. We mean it when we say we’ve got you covered.


Be Bold. Be a Dixon Man.

The Dixon man is powerful. He’s virtuous, confident, and bold. 

He’s you. And he has all the wisdom to educate future generations, along with the quiet strength to lead. He moves with intention and possesses a discerning eye for detail. 

Dixon’s 1737 Collection: Formulated for Men Like You

When a Dixon Man walks into a room, the energy changes.

He navigates life with grit and determination. Every morning, he reaches for his Dixon’s 1737 grooming products formulated specially for him, and he presents himself to the world.

See youtube.com/garrickdixon for more information—including videos of unique Garrick Dixon hairstyles that reveal how you too can be a Dixon Man.

Want access to a list of the top 10 black men’s hair trends? Email us at grooming@dixons1737.


Choose Natural. Choose Quality. Choose Dixon’s 1737.

The Dixon’s brand was crafted with naturally-infused, premium products and quality master tools in mind.

Our ultimate goal is to help men look and feel their best, inspiring confidence and authenticity.

Enriched with lightweight oils, extracts, and other natural ingredients, our superior products are designed to help moisturize, nourish, soothe, and protect the hair and skin.   

No matter your hair and beard texture, and no matter your skin type, we’ve got something for you.

It All Begins with Dixon’s 1737 Grooming Collection for Men.