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Dixon's 1737

1737 Deep Moisture & Repair Shampoo

1737 Deep Moisture & Repair Shampoo

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More than just a hair care product, this shampoo is 34 years of distilled wisdom and dedicated craftsmanship as a barber.

Specifically formulated to combat the common concerns of the modern man's mane: dandruff, dry scalp, thinning hair, and breakage. Brimming with organic ingredients, chosen with meticulous care, every drop is an ode to our commitment to your hair health.

Notice that electrifying tingle? That’s what a Dixon deep clean feels like.

Our shampoo is not just about making your hair feel good, it's about restoring your confidence and redefining what it means to be a well-groomed man in today’s world.

Made for all hair types.

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